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Decanter Alfa Laval – Foodec For Sale

Alfawest Australia has on sale a Decanter Alfa Laval  Foodec 600. These decanters are ideal for industries where delicate food and beverage products are processed and where easy cleaning (CIP) is crucial.

The Foodec decanter centrifuges for food processing are specially designed for use in food and beverage processing applications. In industrial food processing, hygiene standards are particularly important in order to comply with strict sanitary regulations.

Foodec Decanter Alfa Laval are ideal for use in food industry applications in which the material being processed has to be separated into a liquid and a solid phase.

We have two Decanters on Sale in excellent conditions.

Both Decanters come with Centripetal Pump which means pressurized liquid discharge (paring disc).

Foodec Decanter Alfa Laval for food processing deliver a high extraction yield and a very low solids content in the liquid.

This decanter has 575 mm bowl diameter and total 3075 RPM

Service and Maintenance

Maintenance of Foodec Decanters Alfa Laval is key for ensuring optimum process performance and best possible hygienic conditions.

Depending on process conditions (running time, type of raw, process temperature, number of CIP cycles etc.), Alfawest recommends having:

  1. a decanter inspection at least every 4-6 months
  2. a major service at least every year.

Qualified Alfawest field service engineers can perform inspection and service either on site or in an Alfawest service center.

Maintaining bowl and conveyor in good condition is essential for hygienic process conditions and process performance. Bowl and/or conveyor repair is done at an Alfawest service center.

Alfawest also offers training for on-site maintenance staff.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.   Contact us – Alfawest

Decanter Alfa Laval Foodec