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Vibration Monitoring for Decanters and Centrifuges

Vibration monitoring of decanter centrifuges does not have to be complicated and costly. Our SIL 2-rated vibration monitors are easy to mount on any industrial decanter centrifuge, at the factory or retrofitted.

We offer simple, low-cost monitors as well as advanced monitoring solutions.

You can access also your vibration and process data anywhere from any device. On-site staff can easily check the current condition of each machine from their phone or tablet. Your predictive maintenance crew or data analysts can monitor and track machinery in various locations from the comfort of the office.

The PCH vibration monitoring equipment protects your machinery 24/7, preventing machine breakdowns and ensuring continuity of production.

In our product range, you will find vibration monitoring equipment complying with certification listings for almost any market.

Sturdy, low-cost vibration monitors for decanter centrifuges

With our simple, low-cost compact monitors, you can monitor imbalance of the centrifuge.

This is one of the most common causes of machine damage in decanter centrifuges as imbalance causes excessive vibrations when solids get stuck in the bowl or other machine parts during feeding, high-speed operation or discharge.

Local alarms and safety relays ensure that staff can operate the decanter centrifuge safely and prevent costly machine damage and downtime.

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