What is a Centrifuge?

An Industrial Centrifuge is a separation machine that uses centrifugal force to separate solids from liquids.

We service Allbrands Industrial Centrifuges (Separators)

We service many different brands of Centrifuges like: Centrifuge Alfa Laval, Centrifuge Gea or Westfalia, Centrifuge Flottweg, Centrifuge Pieralisi, Centrifuge STS among others.

There is different type of Centrifuges for different applications.

  1. Centrifuge Purifier
  2. Centrifuge Clarifier
  3. Centrifuge Concentrator

The centrifuge can be Automatic or solid wall. The Automatic Centrifuge does automatic discharges of solids while the solid bowl centrifuge is manually cleaning. The manual centrifuge is mainly used for products that have very low content of solids (< 1% v/v) while the automatic centrifuge can process up to 5% solids v/v.  The flowrate of each Centrifuge can be highly affected by the percentage of solids and the sludge space (seize) of the machine apart of other important factors.

What we do when your Centrifuge arrives in our Shop

We provide On Site Service or if the machine needs a major repair, you can send it to our workshop.

Alfawest’s attention to detail begins from the moment your equipment arrives at our shop.  All Centrifuges are disassembled and go through a rigorous inspection and analysis.  Once our experienced engineers have determined the best course of action to restore your Centrifuge to optimal peak performance, we will contact you with our best recommendations on how to remedy the situation.

Alfawest prides itself on quality turnarounds in order to get you back in production, operating at optimum capacity with as little downtime as possible.

We are here for you when you have an unexpected breakdown that needs to be resolved quickly.

Type of Centrifuges: Purifier - Concentrator - Clarifier