Alfawest offers Decanter and  Centrifuge repairs, rebuilding, refurbishing, and reconditioning services for all centrifuge manufacturers and models. This includes but not limited to, Sharples, Alfa Laval, Sharples, Westfalia ( GEA ), Andritz, Flottweg, De laval, Tema. Our engineers provide precision expertise and workmanship. Alfawest is the best in the business when it comes to equipment repair.

We offer specialised service for any type of Alfa Laval Centrifuge, Westfalia centrifuge. We have over 30 years of experience working with diverse types of Decanters and Centrifuges in many different process. We know time is money and with our experience we will find in a very short time a solution. To keep your equipment running in top operating condition, maintenance is essential. So, take advantage of our expertise, call our Specialist to help troubleshoot maintenance issues or set up an appointment for inspection.

Decanter Centrifuge Service

When rotating equipment requires repair, Alfawest provides the following services for ALLBRAND decanters and disc stack separators:

  • Standard maintenance, when service in the field is not convenient.
  • Welding of areas damaged due to mechanical, chemical or erosion attacks
  • Refitting of wear parts, such as o-rings,gaskets,bearings,springs, lip seals.
  • Replacing worn out or damaged items
  • Executing upgrades
  • Balancing static and/or dynamic equipment based on needs and available equipment
  • Conducting a test run, depending on the equipment.

Continuous, high-speed centrifugal separation is a challenging process whether your application requires solids removal, clarification, purification, or polishing, and while centrifuge maintenance isn’t always scheduled, Alfawest has service centre in Sydney to assure quick service and the level of expertise you’ve come to expect from the Industries Leading Centrifuge Repair Shop. – all while minimising downtime.

Alfa Laval Decanter Centrifuges or any other Decanter Centrifuge lose efficiency with time due to vibrations, wear, and clogging, resulting in decreasing output yield. You can ensure peak performance and reduce the risk of unplanned production stops by servicing them on a regular basis. Our local service locations have the skills and knowledge to help you get the most out of your Decanters or Centrifuge.